Terms & Conditions


Terms of Engagement

These Terms of Engagement shall be construed to the laws of New South Wales and it shall be deemed that the appointment of J & J Collins & Associates Pty Ltd as consultant has been made at their office, 38 Hampden Avenue, Wahroonga, NSW 2076.


1.1              The consultancy fee will be in respect of total consultancy services rendered for the project, and is based on:

·         The time spent on the project, whether at the client’s premises, the consultant’s office, or elsewhere

·         Secretarial charges at standard commercial rates

1.2              Unless otherwise stated in an accompanying letter, proposal, or e-mail the following expenses will be charged at cost:

·         Travel, accommodation and associated outlays

·         Photography, artwork and colour production costs

·         Printing by commercial printers

·         Courier/freight services

2.0              QUOTATION VALIDITY

2.1              All fee proposals are valid for a period of 60 days from the date of the project proposal.  J & J Collins & Associates Pty Ltd may revise the quoted fees based on their then current rates for proposals not accepted within the 60 days.

3.0              PAYMENT OF FEES

The fee structure is based on prompt payment, hence the Terms of Engagement require payment of fees in the following way:

3.1              Fees for all projects of $1,500 or under, on completion of the work, prior to release of the report.  Normally an amount of 50% will be required on commencement.

3.2              Statements for ongoing work will be forwarded on a monthly basis and are payable within (7) days from date of statement.

3.3              Where projects are undertaken for overseas clients, full payment in Australian dollars free of any charges is required prior to release of final reports.

3.4              J & J Collins & Associates Pty Ltd may terminate or suspend professional services after the expiration of one (1) calendar month’s notice in writing if accounts are not paid when due.


4.1              The consultant will provide adequate and experienced personnel for the performance of each task involved in the project.

4.2              The consultant will also provide appropriate support services and supervision for the duration of the project.

5.0              CHANGES TO THE BRIEF

5.1              Minor changes to the brief can usually be accommodated in the quoted fee.  However, where major changes to the brief are required by the client at commencement or part way through the project, the consultants reserve the right to revise the quoted fee.

6.0              REPORTS

Unless instructed otherwise by the client, or as stated in a proposal:

6.1              All reports will be provided electronically in a PDF format or as agreed with the client

6.2              Reports can be prepared in a size and format and/or in modular sections for insertion into other studies held or being held elsewhere for the client.

6.3              If draft reports are required, such reports will be made available on the strict understanding that such reports are for internal consideration only and will not be released publicly.

7.0              TERMINATION OF WORK

7.1              The work may be terminated by either party by one (1) month’s notice in writing.