Business Continuity

Whilst Risk Management processes can minimise the potential for catastrophic losses there is always a chance that a significant event will occur which, if mishandled could threaten the existence of the organisation.

Management therefore has to plan for such events to ensure that emergencies are handled efficiently and that the time taken to recover from the event is minimised.

RiskChase has had extensive experience in all aspects of Business Continuity Planning including the preparation of emergency plans, strategic Communication Plans and overall Business Continuity Plans.
RiskChase has completed BCP projects with a number of organisations. These include

Emergency Response Plans for explosive manufacturer
Development of emergency and disaster plans for five major explosive manufacturing facilities in Australia and the development of competency based training to cover all site and corporate personnel.

Business Continuity Plan for a gas utility
This involved the development of corporate Business Continuity and Communication plan with extensive consultation across the organisation, training of staff and development of regional plans.
Business Continuity Plan for pharmaceutical manufacturer
This project involved a risk review of the organisation and the preparation of Crisis Communication Plans. Individual Departmental BCP requirements were identified and monitored.

Business Continuity workshop & strategic BCP for Green Energy supplier
This involved an executive management workshop that reviewed high impact scenarios and the development of a Corporate Communication plan.