Work Health & Safety

Work Health & Safety

RiskChase has provided consultancy services to Australia and the Asia Pacific region since 1995. Our approach has always been to develop practical risk solutions rather than provide an absolute solution that will never be implemented.

Our approach is based around risk management and based on reducing the overall risk of the activities rather than transferring the risk to contractors or other parties that have little chance of meeting the controls required.

Our philosophy with regard to the management of Work Health & Safety is based around the following

1) You cannot manage issues that are not identified.
Our WHS activity starts and finishes with the identification of safety issues.

2) The Management Team must be well educated in safety.
Unfortunately due to the legislative emphasis on consultation, organisations often find that the WHS Committee members are better informed than the management team. This particularly applies to Directors and Senior Management.

3) Everyone is responsible for safety but management need to lead on this subject.
The current emphasis on behavioural safety provides a framework for managers to demonstrate this leadership.

4) Management of WHS requires more than common sense and a personal commitment.
For too long WHS has been the realm of employees with dedicated personal commitment, but little credibility and management experience. RiskChase can provide professional mentors to assist smaller organisations meet their legislative requirements.