Check Lists

Have you read Atul Gawande’s “The Checklist Manifesto: How to Get Things Right”? Gawande writes about the how we humans–including those among us who spend decades training, practicing, applying our skills–are no match for the complexity of the modern world. But we think we are. And when we think that way, mistakes are sure to happen.

His solution to massive complexity: the simple checklist, and offers startling examples of the improvements checklists have had in medical outcomes. Gawande is clear that there are no grand checklists: life is complex. Few things in life can be reduced to repeatable processes. But maybe some things can.

In OHS & Risk Management we often use checklists to ensure that we include all aspects in a complex environment.
Whilst some of the checklists we use are proprietary in nature and may include some element of Intellectual Property many are a collection of questions that make it easier to assess an issue. We have included a number of the checklists we have developed and hope that others will be added by other people as time goes on.

The checklists are in a format that can be read by our Answer Only Software which is downloaded free from this site.